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I have two left feet, can I still come?

Yes of course, our Beginners classes are made for people with two left feet so there is no need to worry.  Alternatively personal lessons are always available if you’d prefer.

The most difficult step you’ll take is walking through the door, but you won’t look back.

What should I wear?
Casual clothing is fine, just try to avoid wearing anything that may restrict your movement, for example: tight fitted skirts.
What shoes should I wear?
Wear shoes you feel comfortable in, just try to avoid: stilettos, sandals, open backed shoes and trainers or thick rubber soled shoes as all these will inhibit your dancing ability.
Where can I park?
The Sherwin Club, where we are located has its own car park, but in the event of this being full, free roadside parking is available.
Do I need to pay in advance?
No, you pay as you attend
Do I need to book?

You will need to book for personal lessons, but for a new class you may just turn up.  If you wish to join an existing class it is best to give us a call and we can advise you on what you have missed.

Do I need to come with a partner?

Although for Ballroom Dancing having a partner is ideal, you don’t need to bring one.

Within classes we partner single dancers together when possible and during personal lessons the teacher will dance with you.

Do I have to swap partners?

No. If you come with a partner you can stay with that person for the duraton of the class.

Where can I practice what I've learnt?

Twice a month on a Friday evening we have a practice night, feel free to go wrong as much as you like.


What is Sequence Dancing?

Sequence dancing is a form of dance in which a preset pattern of movements is followed, with all couples dancing the same routine at the same time. Sequence dancing includes dances of many different styles. 

Can I buy dance lessons/classes as a present?

Yes, please see our Gift Vouchers page

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