Hi everyone,

Following the latest goverment announcement, unfortunatley we are still unable to open 😔

As you all know, we were hoping to reopen in June just for personal lessons but we made the decision to wait for July 4th thinking that we would be given permission to open our doors again by then. Obviously this is not the case now so we will continue to wait until we have the green light (sorry to get your hopes up).


There are alot of sad, frustrated and worried dance teachers and schools out there, us included, that feel that we have been left behind. There seems to be a lack of understanding about just how safe reopening can be in this genre, particularly with personal lessons and then reduced class sizes.

Anyway, we hope that you’ll be there to support us once again just please be patient with us. We are ready and raring to go and can’t wait to see you all again. Fingers crossed it won’t be too much longer now.

In the meantime, start dusting off your dancing shoes, keep going over your routines and remember ‘heels are slows, quicks are toes’ (mostly lol).

Lots of love

Charlotte and Matt


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